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The Cost of Iniquity

"Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. Jer 5:25”

If things are being withheld from us, we must discover and remove the iniquity that is in our life. Iniquity is simply sin, disobedience. Neglecting your spiritual life, work or failing to locate your priorities or what should be your priorities is sometimes the culprit to an open door to sin.

The word tells us that our iniquity withholds good from happening to us and it also prevents our prayers from being heard. “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: (Psa 66: 18)” Some sins are obvious but others are not. Therefore it behooves us to ask God to search us, so if there be any wickedness in our hearts it can be dealt with (Psa 139: 23, 24). Wickedness is anything in you that opposes God, His will and His way.

When we truly desire for God to reveal what’s in our hearts we can fully expect for Him to do so. God can use our relationships to show us our iniquity. Sometimes we can not see our own but others can. That is why we must hear God when he is speaking to us through other people. We must forgive others iniquity or transgressions in order that our prayers are heard and to receive forgiveness for our own sin.

Iniquity throws a wrench in all of your plans so the cost can be quite expensive. It also opens the door to demonic attack. Those demonic forces will make sure you lose your battles. But the war is never over as long as you have breath in your body to repent and praise God.

Iniquity is like a murky substance that fills your heart and makes it opaque. Iniquity also stops your discernment. When you do not remove the iniquity that is in your heart, your heart will give birth to that iniquity. Look at your own life and see if you have given birth to any trouble. “Behold he travaileth with iniquity and hath conceived mischief and brought forth falsehood (Psalm 7:14).”

You must also understand that once you have dealt with the iniquity, got your house in order, and straightened your priorities, you must be patient for God to manifest His promises. Remember God is not slack concerning His promises. Never despise small beginnings. Always be thankful for the blades that come up in your life because you know the harvest is coming for certainty. Remember to be patient, especially when you are buffeting for your own faults.

“God is a God of small beginnings, slow development and supernatural breakthrough!” - Bishop Benjamin Gibert, DWO (Detroit World Outreach)

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