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Cover Design: We design custom made covers tailored to your specific title and story! Absolutely no Templates! You never need to worry that someone else has the same design!

Proofreading: When we proofread your book we dot your i's and cross your t's. We check for spelling and grammar.

Copy-editing: Same as proofreading, plus, altering content for clarity, consistency in voice/ tone and format,  reference verification.
Book Trailers: We can create a book trailer for your book. A book trailer is like a movie trailer. It is a short video that will capture the essence of your book and cause people to want to read/purchase your book.

Transcription: We take your handwritten manuscript and we transcribe it.

Ghostwriting: We take your Cd's or tapes and transcribe it and write the book. 

Formatting/Layout: We format your manuscript so that the layout is print ready!
Formatting for Screenplays.

Printing (out sourced)

Marketing: Email marketing (newsletter), Websites, and Hot cards.
Audio Books   ​
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