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To provide our customers with the books they want to read. Books that will not just entertain them but help them achieve their God given purpose. 

Our Policy

All manuscripts accepted by KSPublishing must comply to the mission of KSPublishing. We are responsible for publishing books that will help people not hurt or hinder them. If we deem that the nature of your book is a conflict with our mission it will be rejected!

Our Employees

          KSPublishing was established in 2002 with Jenine's first book, The Ministry of a Wife: Marriage is Ministry. Since then, Jenine has published many other books and assisted dozens of authors with publishing their books as well as providing publishing services for other self-publishing companies. 

         Jenine has been a guest on the popular TV show Atlanta Live in Atlanta Ga., the Reggie Gay radio show and she’s co-hosted several internet radio shows. Jenine was recently interviewed by Dr. Steve Greene Executive Vice President of Charisma Media on his Greenlines Podcast. Jenine has been a Born-Again Christian for 29 + yrs. She’s hosted a Singles Seminar called “Single but not Desperate” in Atlanta, GA., and a Women’s Empowerment called “Our Time to Shine”.

        Jenine currently serves as a Pastor/teacher and oversees Life Groups at True Worship Church in Detroit Mi., under the leadership of Senior Pastor Antonio and Nina Sims. Jenine is also an advocate for women, who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual abuse. She’s a worshiper who enjoys worshiping through song. She enjoys romantic drama’s and sci-fi. She’s a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 1. She enjoys helping and encouraging people to never give up and walk in their true destiny purpose.

To contact Jenine:

Jenine May
Daniel Mwanzia
- Social Media Admin.
- Distributor
WOW Policy

KSPublishing DBA WOW publishing accepts manuscripts that are autobiographical in nature, somewhat uplifting but may contain experiences for an adult audience that speaks to a specific audience . 

Kingdom Scribes Publishing (KSP) was founded in 2002 by Jenine May by publishing her first book, 2nd edition titled: The Ministry of a Wife which has been her best seller. Since then, Jenine has authored and published several other books along with assisting other authors with publishing theirs. 
We have Domestic and International clients and authors: Detroit, Atlanta, Alabama, North Carolina, Chicago, California and Texas as well as the UK.

KSP is considered a self-publishing company although it is different from other subsidy publishers. KSP authors maintain 100 % of rights to their book, which creates higher profits for authors. 

KSP aspires to be a full service/traditional publisher one day. We will take on the entire project of our authors at no cost to them and give them royalties upon sell of their books. This is not too far off!
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