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Publishing Services
Publising Services
Publishing Services
Publishing Services
Do you have hopes of publishing a book?

* Kingdom Scribes Publishing can help you make your dream of writing a book a reality  After many rejections from Traditional Publishers, authors are forced to self-publish, if they wish to see their works in print. Many authors today are seeing the advantages of Self-Publishing.

    * Authors maintain exclusive rights while pocketing most of the profit.Technology today better suits today's authors allowing them to print, promote and market their books. Though traditional publishing houses performs these tasks for their authors at no cost, the publisher owns exclusive rights to the manuscript. No doubt Self-Publishing can be as expensive as you want it to be but in the long run, authors maintain control and retain the  majority of their profits.

    * Self-Publishing companies such as KSP manages the author's project. As a project manager, we see your project to the end, producing a marketable product that readers will rant and rave over. We make self-publishing easy, affordable and advantageous.  Has God put a book in your spirit? Kingdom Scribes Publishing wants to help you!

So why choose KSPublishing, LLC.? For us, this is not just a job, it's our passion...what we're called to do! That means, we care about you and your project. Kingdom Scribes Publishing is the only company who has the distinct ability to be able to connect with your vision in such a way that we can almost see it just as clearly as you or even more clearly, this allows us to uniquely take your thoughts and ideas and write it in a powerful way that connects your heart to your readers.


Kingdom Scribes Publishing, LLC

470 223-1309

Office hours: 10 am to 6 pm.


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