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Full but not fulfilled!

When Man fell from Grace, he lost the presence of God, the all consuming love of God, and God’s care for him. Redemption was meant to reconcile and restore us to the presence of God, to His all consuming love and care. Why do we need God's love eand care? No one knows us better than He does because He created us. He understands who and what we are. Because He is the only one who purely loves us and always has our best interest at heart. Only He has the power to meet our needs, protect us and give us peace.

Why we should we not love and care for ourselves? Apart from God, self love can be vain, selfish and self centered. We have been disconnected from the One who created us and knows us, and knows everything. We have been disconnected from that understanding. We don’t know or understand who and what we are. Therefore we are not competent to manage our lives. Because of our incompetence, we usually allow others or things manage our lives or should I say control our lives that clearly do not have our best interest at heart.

Just like our body needs certain dietary supplements, exercise, water, and air etc… to exist or function; the spirit of man needs certain spiritual supplements in order to be healthy and function properly. Our spiritual body gives us signs of deficiency just like our physical bodies gives us signs of deficiency. The problem is that we know more about our physical bodies then we do our spiritual bodies.

Because we don’t typically understand our spiritual bodies we tend to try to satisfy our spiritual needs with physical or external things. Which means our spiritual needs go unmet. Natural things can never satisfy or meet spiritual needs. Spiritual needs can only be met by the one who created our spirit, God. He designed our spirit so He knows how it functions and what it needs to be at its healthiest and operating at its fullest potential.

The spirit’s objective is to be full or at peace. It’s always searching, seeking to be filled. You see, happiness is a temporary sensation born of the world to be a substitution for the peace/joy of God. Satan understands the spirit world and spirits. He knows that spirits were created by God and that all spirits long for peace. But only God has peace. Satan knows if he’s going to have you, for however long he’s going to have you, he has to offer you something, a counterfiet. He knows that peace is more satisfying than anything he could ever offer you. There is no woman, man, thing or drug that is more powerful than the peace of God.

Satan knows there is no real fulfillment in any of those things but because people don’t know the truth, that their fulfillment is in God, Satan deceives them into thinking that they just need more things, more men/women, or a different man or woman or more/new drugs. Satan hopes that we will be prisoners to our own insanity. Keeping us on a roller coaster ride, never realizing that the ride he’s taking us on never gets us to the place we truly internally/eternally desire to go. Satan knows that we are our own opposition. Eph 2:25, 6, In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil who are taken captive by him at his will.

Have you ever been hungry and ate something and though you were full you weren’t satisfied or fulfilled? There is a difference between being full and being fulfilled. Though you are full you may still be hungry or unsatisfied/unfulfilled. Satan has deceived us and tricked us to go after being full and not fulfilled and though deep down inside we know we are unfulfilled we can’t stop filling ourselves even though some of the things we are filling ourselves with are killing us. We can’t stop because we are in bondage to the things we are filling ourselves with. We are a slave to the one we allowed to fill us. Eccl 6:7 MSG, We work to feed our appetites; meanwhile our souls go hungry. All man’s efforts are for his mouth; yet his appetite is never satisfied NIV.

Some of us are filled with pain, hurt, disappointment and rejection. For some of us the only way to be free is that God literally sticks his hand inside of you and takes it away. Otherwise it gets pushed down, suppressed waiting to resurface one day. Sometimes we get bruised from running into a wall or doorknob or bumping into a corner on a table. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve hurt ourselves at all and we just continue to go about our day until we discover the bruise and sometimes someone else is the one who notices, “Hey, how’d you get that bruise on your arm?” Huh, I don’t even remember! Until we touch the bruise we are not even aware that we were hurt or sore. Sometimes we don’t even remember how we got the bruise.

Well, what happens when the bruises are on the inside. If we don’t allow God to reach in and take the pain away, it gets pushed down inside of us so we don’t have to deal with it. Some of us have hurts, pains, disappointments and rejections packed on top of each other like hand packed ice cream. Many times we don’t understand that we develop erroneous patterns of thinking that cause us to make bad decisions because deep down that stuff is still there. We don’t even understand why we think that way or behave that way. Then one day if we are fortunate enough, it all comes bubbling out. Thank God! We can now be set free and no longer be governed by the.

As a result we find our lives in a mess because we carried this stuff, this baggage for so long. We have found ourselves in circumstances that we desperately need a miracle to fix. I believe that God wants to heal and deliver us. I also believe that it is impossible to worship God and not be purged from negative emotions and situations. This is one of the benefits we receive from being in His presence and in the Word of God. Hidden things are revealed. Things surface or come to the light. The more time we spend in His Word and worshiping/in His presence the more that is revealed. Once we are free, we are free to receive the abundance of God through instruction and favor.

It’s no wonder why God can’t fill us if we are full of pain, hurt, disappointment, rejection and un-forgiveness. These things will resurface and when they do, allow yourself to remember and feel the pain/acknowledging it. Don’t push it back down. Explore the truth. Why you got hurt in the first place. Then forgive them for hurting you! Then ask God to take the pain away and if you should feel a sensation that a big empty space is left, simply ask God to fill the empty space.

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