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The Ecclesia is made up of Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and Evangelists. Each office has a function in the administration of the Kingdom of God in the Earth and in the development of the Body of Christ. The purpose of every function is to establish the Kingdom! For ministries to be whole and in alignment with God’s original idea, all five functions must be present, identified, acknowledged, and functioning in ever church established. If they are not, then you have not established an Ecclesia. The Apostolic Ministry has and is being restored and one of the duties of an Apostle is helping to reform and restructure already established ministries to reflect a true Ecclesia. Furthermore, the place where the Ecclesia assembles is usually called an Embassy or Ministry Center, not a church. May your ministries be whole and unhindered so that the presence and power of God can flow freely and readily available to you, the assembly, and the world.

The Ecclessia

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