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Federal prosecutors describe him as a cold-hearted killer, a man so vile he had his half-brother killed to seize control of a Detroit drug gang. John Bass, 34 of Detroit was convicted Monday of killing Armenty Shelton in a drug-related murder and of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. If sentenced to death, he could be the 1st man in eastern Michigan to receive the death penalty since 1938. Back on the scene in the city of Detroit in the early-1990s, Butch Jones, the convicted ringleader of the uber-notorious YBI gang, joined forces with John “The Bread Man” Bass, a much-feared crime lord who had emerged when Butch was off serving his time in prison. – gansterreport I was the one! If anyone John would marry, it was me and so he did. It was hard to believe the father of my three children, the man I was wholeheartedly in love with was capable of so many terrible things. I knew he had insecurities, I knew he cared too much about what other people thought of him and I knew that he found his identity in selling drugs but I had no idea how deep his issues were. He was two different people! He desperately tried to be the man I wanted him to be but his battle with inner demons got the better of him. I knew my fight was not with him but spiritual darkness. I suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I did not support his choice to sell drugs although I stayed with him which pretty much condoned it. I always encouraged him that he was brilliant and he could sell anything why not get into another line of business. I was willing to move away to another state if it would help him find his true self. He was not my enemy, Satan was. Satan desperately wanted to break my spirit, kill my destiny and frustrate my purpose. But God had a different plan. It was only my relationship with God that protected me and strengthened me through the entire experience. In the end, I had nothing left to give. I had suffered too much and the love I had was forgotten. My life was turned upside down when John was incarcerated. He was the bread winner and I was a college student. I had to drop out of college and take responsibility for three children, a mortgage, a house, a car note, insurance and other bills. I have struggled and struggled financial ever since but God has been an excellent provider. I have since forgiven John. I only hope that he will allow God to do what he wants in his life and hope that God gives him another chance to live a life of victory rather than defeat!

Saved, Sanctified and Married to a Drug Dealer

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