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A shallow lonely actor (Tyler Warren) learns the true meaning of love and friendship after spending an awkward one and a half weeks with a fellow actor (Kevin French) and his childhood friends in Detroit (who Tyler thought would be ghetto fabulous). After discovering that he’s not only prejudged Kevin’s friends, he has somehow bonded with Kevin’s ex (Janine) in a way he could not have anticipated. Only to return to his shallow meaningless life in L.A. to be discontent in a relationship he was happy in before he left, or so he thought. His life quickly unravels as he desperately tries to put together a new one with Janine in it, while also discovering that not everyone has his best interest at heart!
Imagine….The unlikeliest people falling in love in the middle of a snowball fight. He gives her a rose, a kiss on the neck and then to his surprise, he utters those three unforgettable words…Does he mean them, is he on the rebound? Someone’s heart is broken. Has Tyler made an unforgiveable mistake? Find out how this story ends…Be WARNED, you won’t put it down until you do!

One and a Half Weeks: A Story of Winter Romance, Heartbreak and Betrayal.

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