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Iconic leadership is a book for today’s tabernacle. It is for true worshipers, who walk in true holiness and called to true priesthood. It is important that every worshiper and those who are in leadership, know and understand what God is saying to us in this generation and age. The book will deal with the downfall/weaknesses of church leaders that has ultimately led to the collapse of the institutional church. Church…as we know it today, is no longer viable. ICONIC LEADERSHIP will provide revelatory understanding of the apostolic/bishopric anointing and function in the Body of Christ today, for end-time kingdom building. It will talk about the restoration of biblical doctrine to be used in our assemblies that have been neglected and or lost. It will teach the importance of having a visible and operative fivefold ministry/presbytery, thus making our establishments whole. It will minister to Prophetic Ministers to help them understand their position, and spark new vision in them for their personal ministry, their city and their nation. Iconic Leadership will define emphasize key factors in kingdom ministry that will cause a remnant of priests to walk in supernatural power and authority. I.e. unity, submission, holiness and kingdom community. Will you be a part of the Remnant?

Iconic Leadership: For End- Time Kingdom Building

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