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More Than a Beat Face is all about young Black women discovering their true value. Understanding that their true value goes beyond a beat face and a banging body, that it's more about what they bring to the table! More Than A Beat Face is about learning how to overcome the stereotypical weaknesses of our culture to become the influencers we were destined to become. It empowers young Black women to throw off the shackles that society has put on their minds by saturating the media with images of us degrading and exploiting ourselves for a buck while they subtly seduce us to lower our standards and accept what they want us to accept. More Than A Beat Face teaches that we determine our worth, we determine what is attractive and what is acceptable. It teaches young Black women to resist the influences and pressures that society tries to impose upon us but rather follow our own convictions and become the Influencers we were created to be.

How To Raise Your Value (in 30 mins)

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