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The bible says the rapture would take many of us unaware and that Christ would return for a church, without spot or wrinkle, like a thief in the night and if we were to be ready, we would have to be awake. Christians truly believe that God would do nothing unless He first warns us! The problem is, that many Christians don’t believe the warnings of today. He is desperately trying to get our attention. Will Jesu find His Church in complacency, worldliness, sin, idolatry and pride, thinking that we are ok, and everything is fine? Is God pleased with our lives? Is He pleased with “how we worship Him today”? Are God’s leaders guilty of misleading God’s people? Is the Church in deception? Are our doctrines riddled with error? I believe a clarion call to holiness has gone forth to prepare God’s people to participate in the end-time harvest as well as make themselves ready for the rapture. Can you hear the call? Are you rapture ready?-Confidence in God-The truth behind Holidays-The truth behind Tithing-And more…

Are You Rapture Ready?: Don't Be Caught Sleeping

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