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Disgusted with The Church

Although I have not given up, hear me when I say that, I am so utterly disgusted with our churches and preachers today. I am so fed up with the countless videos I’ve seen on Facebook of preachers and pastors doing the most obscene and atrocious things “in the name of God,” to immature and ignorant believers. I’m appalled at Christian leaders who would endorse a Scoffer for president. I’m tired of so called prophets lying and manipulating God’s people. It’s a shame to see women pastors that dress like whores, pass out condoms and cigarettes and turn up – drinking Patron while listening to Drunken Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I want my Pastors to keep it 100 but No, I don’t want them to be ungodly! I apreciate my Pastors Terry and Susie Graham of Team Soteria Ministries for being mature Christians, whose hearts and focus are on people. It doesn't matter that we may not see eye to eye on everything. But when you find leaders who aren't greedy and love people you stick with them.

It’s no wonder why the world doesn’t take Christians seriously. This takes the blind leading the blind to a whole new level. I know no one is flawless but leaders are supposed to be good examples. Certain things they should not be guilty of or struggling with. Many preachers and pastors are obviously not mature. Could it be that Satan has planted the idea and the pride in certain people to establish churches, just so it can add to the epidemic of foolishness? Preachers can be much like teenagers who think they know everything and can’t tell them anything. They don’t want to be told what to do, never mind be corrected. They want to do their own thing…so they leave home before they’re ready and or prepared.

Some Pastors have this nonchalant attitude that says “I don’t care what you think; let me make another bank deposit.” When they should care about what people think, at least to some degree. But it’s not completely their fault. The laity is partially responsible. They themselves have abdicated their personal responsibility to seek God for themselves, become scholars of the Word of God to see if their preachers are teaching the truth. How many of us challenge or question our leaders today? If we do, we’re considered rebellious and insubordinate.

The Laity forget that the Leaders need us just as much as we need them. We are called to serve one another. Interesting enough, we are more willing to call a strike on our jobs when management or the company has been unfair. We even picket businesses that have been discriminative or have treated their customers poorly but we don’t do our churches that way or hold our leaders accountable rather we tolerate their injustices and their ungodliness with little to no reprimands. I’m not saying to throw our leaders under the bus, just follow bible instruction as it pertain to solving problems. The church does not solely belong to the Pastor or founder but it belongs to all of the kingdom citizens that attend the church.

Many of our preachers and pastors are driven by notoriety, power and money. They say that their priority is souls but their greed betrays them. Many churches today are ineffective and pretentious; this is why many have left the church and or is unfulfilled in them. Churches are disguised by gimmicks, witchcraft, and theatrics. Preachers whoop and holler making all kinds of unnecessary, irritating sounds to deliver what they claim to be God’s message while immature believers who are satisfied with temporary emotional fixes, with no real desire to grow – lap it all up.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in preaching. Preaching is how the unique personality of a preacher delivers a message from God. It should not be the mimicking of someone else’s personality. It should not be something that is practiced. How do you practice being you? It should not be a performance. If you have to get into “character” for people to attentively listen to you than maybe you don’t have anything worth saying. I’m just saying! Preaching should be effortless and genuine. Preachers should stop being fake! Faking means you are trying to conceal your defects and make yourself appear more authentic or anointed. Fake just doesn’t work with me.

Our churches and our “religion” have been made mockery of. I weep over its current condition. Churches are riddled with idolatry and false doctrine i.e. tithing and they have lost their authority and influence. Preachers don’t want people to know the truth about tithing because they are scared people will give less if at all. They take from poor people and give them false hope. More money goes to running the “Church” than lives being changed. Through ignorance and complacency the laity is partially guilty of making the pastors into the monsters they have become.

I wonder if Pastors would finance their own ministries since they believe in them so much. I believe in giving money to church, I do. It’s biblical. They gave freewill offerings in the Old Testament for the upkeep and the running of the Temple. The New Testament does not instruct or obligate non Jews to pay or give 10 % of anything. The New Testament does instruct that we have a responsibility to care for the poor, fatherless, widows etc… It instructs us to give generously, cheerfully and not out of necessity meaning that if you are in dire need yourself, it is not expected of you to give anything but rather someone should be giving to you! But you don’t hear that being taught do you?

The institutional church of today is a total deformity. We are so far away from God’s original idea and model of what He intended for His Ecclesia. In fact, it was never Jesus’ intention to establish a religion in the first place. The Ecclesia is to establish ministry centers that will affect every area of life of a kingdom citizen. Processes, departments, resources, education, support, counseling etc… separate from earthly government, fully functional and self sufficient. It is to operate with full support of the Kingdom of God in all of its power and authority, thus possessing irresistible influence and authority in the earth. Something has to be done if we are going to be a church without spot or blemish.

I don’t suggest attacking our leaders, being disrespectful or approaching them with the wrong attitude. But if the laymen, goes to the Pastor in humility with something they don’t quite understand, they should not be rudely dismissed or made to feel insignificant. The bible encourages us to reason together and in all our getting, get understanding but some preachers and pastors act like dictators; unaccountable and not really submitted to anyone but “God.” What processes have been put in place to address the comments, concerns and complaints of members other than some God forsaken box in the corner? And…where is church membership in the bible? I mean, come on, what’s the point other than tracking their “tithe”? It’s not like a fitness club membership. In what ways do members really benefit? Who benefits from it more?

I do suggest that church members everywhere become more responsible and aggressive about their own spiritual growth and condition. Study the Word of God and know the truth for yourself. We must stand united and provoke change in our lives and in our churches. Start asking questions. Hold the leaders accountable. Speak up and let our voices be heard. As more and more believers awaken to the truth, I envision a spiritual revolt done maturely and righteously. Pray that our leaders’ hearts are softened and they hearken to the voice of God and

God is calling for repentance, holiness and reformation. God’s warning will be subtle. The preacher most likely will not even know that they’ve been formally warn. Because they do not rightfully discern the warning or the prophet that gave it and because of their disobedience and pride; they will fall and they will be disappointed because they will not achieve what they had hoped to.


For a Stronger Ecclesia

Jenine May

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