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Trust: A Priceless responsibility

So what does it really mean to trust? To be able to trust you! Trust you with my feelings. That you will value them, emphathize with them, perhaps understand them, regard them, and protect them. To not use them against me. To not manipulate them for your own personal gain. To trust that you will do your part to ensure my emotional well being.

Trust that you will share your honest feelings. That you will not lie about them, harbour them or conceal them. That you will do what's necessary on your part to learn how to communicate them effectively. That you will not make excuses about not knowing how to be in touch with your feelings. To know that sensitivity is not a female trait but rather it is a trait that has been underdeveloped in men due to a false paradigm taught and passed down generation after generation of broken men.

Trust that you will be honest and forthcoming about your dreams, fears and insecurities. For I can not help you achieve your dreams, rid you of your fears and insecurities if I don't know what they are. If you do not trust me with that information or...if I do not influence you to be a better man, then perhaps I am not the right one for you.

Can I trust that you won't make decisions without my input and careful consideration. Can I trust that you will lead us to our destiny in God. Can I trust you with my life and overall well being. Can I trust you to care for me the why my Father does?

Can I trust that you will value what we have?Trust that you will aggressively and on purpose establish boundaries, safegaurds and practices that will protect our relationship.

When I ask you what do you have a taste for? And I'm thinking taco's but you're thinking Ms. Jones from down the street. Can I trust that you will disclose this kind of sensitive information to me? Do I want to know and hear that? Yes! Absolutely! I'm not ignorant to believe that just because we are together that it means you will never be attracted to someone else. Perhaps it will pass or perhaps we need to take the necessary steps to get you some help! I can help.

Trust that you will keep me informed of things that happen, even if it may have been outside of your control. This generally means to keep no secrets. To not determine alone what is important or unimportant but rather let "us" determine whether it is important or not. Trust that you will not allow guilt and condemnation cause you to wait later than sooner about sharing sensitive information.

What kind of relationship do you want to have? One built on fear, lies and distrust or one built on love, openess, mutual respect and complete trust? Or are you too afraid of being hurt? How important is it to you to have someone you can trust? Is that what you really want?

Needless to say you will have bonding issues if you have trust issues. If you have fears and insecurities that prevent you from bonding and trusting then perhaps you need to talk to a counselor or therapist. You need to open up and talk to someone you can trust.

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