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Anti-Christ spirit: Are you being influenced by it?

We knew this day would come; the day when there would be a great falling away from the Christian faith. The bible, the book of Timothy predicted it. The bible and other agreeable books has always been the origin of the world’s moral compass. If the world no longer embraces its virtues, morals or values then what will the world come to? Much like today, the historical days of Sodom and Gomorrah; currently the Dead Sea, two of five cities that were destroyed because the people had lost their moral fiber and did what was right in their own eyes. And for those of us who still hold to our Christian faith and standards we know all to well the persecutions we face but more importantly we know the spirit behind it. The Anti-Christ spirit is very visible and prevalent in our world today. It is the spirit behind those who lump “Christians” all into one sum. “We” are all responsible for what is wrong with the world today. “We” get punished when we stand for what we believe yet other religions get applauded for standing for their religious beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, “We” have issues like everyone else and lots of our churches are filled with leaders who have lost their way and a part of the number of those who have fallen away. Lots of churches, mega and storefront have lost its power, effectiveness and savory (salt).

Today Christianity has been deemed by our world as outdated, harmless, and sickening. And not merely because of Christian bad examples because every religion has bad examples but because the world chooses to blame us for their desire to turn their backs on God! Trust me….regardless to all of our bad examples and ineffectiveness everyone one of us will have to answer to Him at the appointed time. Most certainly we will not be able to blame anyone for our treasonous rebellion against Him. We will all stand accountable for ourselves and explain our acceptance or rejection of Him. If Christianity is so harmless (Without the power to do harm- inoffensive-mild-innocent-unobjectionable)…Meaning powerless, make believe, a figment of our imagination then why is it under so much attack? Why are we so hated? Why are we being killed for it every single day? Why are we being forced to denounce our faith in Christ?

The truth is Christianity or rather the teachings of Christ are not inoffensive, mild or unobjectionable. In fact Jesus offended all of the religious leaders of His time. Christ’s teachings go against most of the world’s practices, ideas and ways and this is why the world wants nothing to do with them. Honestly, you can't embrace Christ and still embrace your own ideas. So in order to hold firm to our own ideas we reject Christ!. It is very strategic for the Anti-Christ spirit to cause people to be offended with Christians to get their eyes of Christ. DON’T BE DECEIVED! The spirit of ANTI-CHRIST IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. TO COME AGAINST CHRISTIANS NO MATTER HOW WATERED DOWN THEY MAY BE IS TO COME AGAINST CHRIST HIMSELF. I have children, adult children and sometimes they act just like the devil. But, threaten them and see what I do!!! God will deal with us all!

Here are some signs you are being used, influenced or oppressed by the Anti-Christ spirit: Contempt for Christ, Christians, Christianity, churches etc….; Lumping all Christians into one category; Fear of using the name of Christ; Fear of offending people who are not Christians. Christians are taught that we should hold no such contempt for anyone regardless of their Faith, Race, Sexual preference or gender. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12).”

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