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Secrets of a Dreamer

Don’t we all fancy, scratch our heads in awe, in wonder and sometimes sheer surprise to know the intimate thoughts of a woman who thinks herself as coquette, feminine, sexy, brilliant and influential, or is this to our demise? She craves to reveal her inner most secrets and thoughts to sincerely the right one. She longs to be needed, desired and validated to some degree I say, stretching her face to the sun. She’s spiritually human, with strengths and weakness that make her common, yet uniquely uncommon. She’s distinctly intriguing, a bursting array of colors and flowery fragrance, desperate to be understood and perceived as priceless. She is a defining explanation of temperance, gentleness and love while hoping to inspire the same in the most brute and barbaric. She clings to the lost art of the perfecting of purity. She’s old fashioned in every sense of the word. She cradles the whimsical notion that her rarity is enchanting. Full of wisdom and very aware of her feminine charm that she only uses for the greater good of mankind.

What turns her on is usually different from what turns on others. Some may think it’s quite unusual or strange for her to be sensually aroused by the thought of a bright idea or an exciting new business venture. She longs for depth in every area of her existence. And though she has a lower nature she does her best to be influenced by her higher one. She’s driven by purpose, destiny and the desire to be pleasing to the one she’s in debt to. Knowing that it is neither beneficial to her or anyone else that she owe anyone anything but love and affection. She likes who she is and is greatly disappointed when people don’t want her to be herself. She’s not easily swayed or moved, by people’s distasteful devotion to diminish her or make her into someone or something that is suitable for their own tawdry recreation.

She aspires to be selfless yet selfish she sometimes seem. She knows exactly what she wants and she makes no apologies. She desires oh so deeply, to take you by the hand and hope that you’ll be open to the journey that lies ahead. She’s patient and enjoys a long walk over an anxious sprint. She wants to expose you to the blur slowed down, you know, the things you usually miss. The captivation behind her eyes, the warmth behind her smile. Everyone wants someone like her in their corner or standing at home base, with her arms crossed and legs too, while yelling “Safe”.

She’s a dreamer, she’s imaginative and hopeful of the potential that others have, even when they may not aspire to cultivate any untilled land. She’s a magnificent renovation of what use to be. Once, battered and abuse and almost shattered to pieces, her reasons to be. She’s an exquisite rendition of The Piano Concerto No. 3. In D minor, complex yet soothing. She’s able to get her point across and incite your deepest desire without condescension. She’s sometimes a hopeless romantic— characterized by a preoccupation with love or by the idealizing of it. She craves the emotional delectations of and lists the extraordinary exchanges that can be made in amity.

She is delicate as a Monarch Butterfly requiring a tender touch. She yearns for someone she can undoubtedly trust. To rise to the occasion, to be gentle, sensitive and free from the temptations that could cause her to be tainted or trapped in a detrimental attachment. She only wants to bring out the best in others; touch places they never knew existed. Sure it’s easy for anyone to be stimulated by fondling or being handled but she’s more aroused by respect, laughter, and mutual admiration. She blissfully wants to believe that she can be swept off of her feet. She believes her merchandise is more valuable than rubies, and worth the modifications needed to be worthy of such treats. She’s not easily persuaded to give it all away. Be swift with no delay.

Never lie to her, or mislead her only have her best interest at heart. For she expects to be pursued and not become the pursuer. Will you guard her; protect her, even from yourself? Will you cherish her, nourish her and place her on a shelf? As something to be admired and esteemed highly of, keeping her close and dear to your own heart. To her, what’s endearing is a soft kiss on the forehead or the thought that she would not be taken advantage of lying next to you in a bed.

She desires to establish and build something that is sweet. Not something that wouldn’t last and end between the sheets. She refrains from certain dialogue, and actions that would awaken passion. Passion that would overwhelm even the best intentions. She doesn’t mind offering an exclusive opportunity to get to know her. You can neglect it, reject it or pass it in transit. But seriously keep in mind, and open your eyes and see, that this courageous individual is terrifically me.

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