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Internal GPS

Every human is born with a conscious; an inward feeling that suggests something is right or wrong/positive or negative. We are not always taught to acknowledge our conscious, hear it or listen to it, emphasis on listen; with the intent of following. Our conscious is a built in mechanism, given to us by the Creator. It is where our moral intelligence comes from. It’s like a compass, a moral compass. Its purpose is to steer us in the right direction and sometimes away from danger. There are many ways the Creator can communicate with us but our conscious is the most primitive.

The reason why there is hardly any discussion on our “Conscious” is because the discussion alone would spark too many questions: Questions that some don’t know the answers to. Some may fear the answers, not trust the answers or don’t want you to know the answers. Let’s examine. If our conscious is a built in mechanism in our human make up and its purpose is to steer us in not just any direction but a specific direction; this poses a whole set of other questions. Let’s examine. Why not just any direction? Well, you don’t need a compass to point you in any direction. It wouldn’t make a difference in what direction you went. Anytime direction comes into play destination comes into play also. Your conscious is concerned about your destination even when you are not. With that said…Where are you going? Where will you end up? Your conscious is purposeful. Your conscious is not a sail to be tossed and driven aimlessly. It is the navigator. It’s your internal GPS.

Its purpose is to lead you and guide you around all the obstacles that can potentially harm you and/or get you off course. You must begin to change the way you think about life and educate yourself from the Creator’s standpoint on the purpose of life and the mechanical make up of the human being. When you think of a GPS, it takes into account where you are, where you are going and the traffic in between you and your destination. There are several routes that can get you to your destination. The GPS examines all the routes, the congestion, the accidents, the obstructions and tells you which route will get you to your destination the safest and fastest. It utilizes satellites way up in space and other information that you are not privy to, to map out the best course of direction. GPS can be pretty reliable to get us to our destination, when we put in the right address. But what happens if we put in the wrong address and don’t realize it. We waste time only to end up at the wrong destination and that can sometimes cost us more than we’re willing to pay.

When we try to navigate our own lives, it’s kind of like putting the wrong directions in the GPS. The GPS was working properly, the problem was the user. When it comes to navigating life, we don’t have enough information or line of sight to do so properly, affectively or efficiently. Sometimes we put more trust in the GPS and ourselves, than we do our conscious or the Creator who gave us the conscious. There is more joy to be had from living a life by faith then knowing every detail of our life. Sometimes we just have to trust that where our conscious leads us, is right for us, not everyone else. The Creator has a sense of adventure. We should too. Life is more fun that way, I’m learning. We’ve perverted the true meaning of sense of adventure with deadly, negative risks. This is an indication that we have little to no respect for life and we are probably misusing it. The strange thing is that we use GPS to navigate us to our geographical destinations but what sort of GPS do we rely on when navigating through life? If our conscious is our GPS then it must already have a preset destination for us.

Sometimes people call their conscious, instinct, intuition or a gut feeling. We must learn to trust it whatever we call it. If we choose to listen to our conscious, it can tell us when something isn’t right, when someone doesn’t have our best interest at heart. When we should turn left or right. It can tell us which way to go and which way to avoid. Listening may not be easy when we’re surrounded by so much noise. Voices; trying to tell us what to do, where to go and how to get there. There are so many different opinions, ideas, philosophies that keep us from hearing what our conscious is saying. Sometimes we have to get alone, where it’s quiet to kind of look within and feel or sense the direction we should take. Do you feel peace, anxiety, uneasy, rushed, or pressured? Sometimes you just don’t feel good about “it”, whatever it is! Listen and base your choices on it. Your conscious will lead you to people, things, and information that will help broaden its navigational reach.

Our conscious will lead us! But sometimes we move too quickly. Sometimes we sense it and we override it. Why we do that, I don’t know. I am just as guilty of doing it. Our conscious is trying to warn us and protect us; it has our best interest at heart. The more we override it, the weaker it gets and one day we have killed it or silenced it. The conscious is a great tool. If you have killed yours…resurrect it or perhaps you just need to take the time to slow down. Remember, be anxious for nothing. Sometimes a simple peace or lack of, is all the direction we need.

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