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To Bi-kini or not to Bi-kini.


My sister asked me, “Do you think it’s right, appropriate or modest for Christian women to wear bikinis or revealing bathing suits?” My reply, “I don’t think it’s right, appropriate or modest for Christian women to wear bikinis or revealing bathing suits although I am guilty of doing it.” She then asked, “Why do you think Christian women do it?” I thought that this is a good question to answer considering my guilt and the fact that I have a passion for understanding human behavior with hopes of changing it. Of course I couldn’t answer for all Christian women but personally I thought, “To get a man’s attention.” The real question to ask is, “What do we want?” Do we want a man who is led by his flesh or do we want a man of God who isn’t? When we are in the flesh the only thing we are going to attract is a man in his flesh. I know...we are living in a world where we have cast off restraints, loosened our standards and become wayward. But I appeal to the Christian woman and man who still desire to live holy; who still believe that God is on the throne, working behind the scenes, waiting to send you that man or woman of God that you will need in these last and evil days.

Could it be that Christian men have lowered their standards because we as Christian women have lowered ours? When I see men, who were once walking with the Lord Jesus go astray, yield to temptation, or chase after fame and notoriety; leaving the principles of the Word of God behind... I feel somewhat responsible. You see, I believe that we’ve all been deceived; men and women alike, perhaps due to ignorance or misdirection. You see, we’ve been led to believe that men are the ONLY influencers, the ONLY leaders but are they? Surely and truly, they lead and influence our homes, our jobs, and our world but we never stop to think...Who influences them? WE...WOMEN, that’s who! God uses our voice to speak to the very heart of a man and that is why it is so important for WOMEN to be influenced by the Holy Spirit so that HE is the ultimate influencer. WOMEN have been DUPED into believing that the only tool we have is our feminine wiles and left off the HOLY SPIRIT, who is wisdom! We say we love our men but do we?

Do we love them enough to raise our standards, obey and trust God? Do we as women trust in God and in His word to believe that His way works? Or will we continue to be deceived into thinking that our ways are better? Where has it gotten us really? We have to stop selling ourselves short because we’re cheating ourselves from loving and being loved deeply not just superficially! We will not find the kind of love or happiness we want doing things any way but God’s way.

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